Week 16.9 – I Just Thought of Something

Week 16.9 – I Just Thought of Something

Maybe this is dribble, and maybe it’s an 256px-Plasma_globe_60thepiphany, but in the reprogramming-the-brain-department, I think this is relevant.

For the last 15+ years my office has been in my basement, and during the last 6- 1/2 years, probably 70-90% of most days was spent in that space — working on the pc, photographing clients, editting images, doing laundry… all in that space. And in that time, I became acclimated to every sound in the house — and the neighborhood — as received in that space!  Heck, when I first moved down there I knew when the neighbors flushed their potty because the sound travelled through the earth to my basement. Sounds of the street, the children, the neighbor’s dogs, the mailman driving by, the furnace kicking on, the dehumidifier, mice running through the ceiling (for a while I thought they were having a soccer tournament!) But I knew what every sound was so I only “alerted” when something was unfamiliar — which didn’t happen often.

Last week I moved my office from basement,  up two floors, facing a street AND I have a window now. Everything is different. Even familiar sounds are different because of equipment placement, and there’s plethora of new sounds from the window, the neighbors, the wind blowing against the siding on the house… all of which were unnoticed in the basement. I’m even aware of shadows around the desk now because in the basement, the lighting was all overhead and there were no unfamiliar shadows. A little while ago, I heard a sound I didn’t recognize. Turned out to be the neighbor pulling into their driveway — over snow and crackling ice, and the ice breaking was unfamiliar.

So, when something “alerts” me now… first thing that processes when I look up from the computer, is I’m not in the basement; so conscious mind has to realize where we are  (reprogramming 20 years of ‘in the basement when we’re focused’), then it has to evaluate the sound or whatever, and figure out what it is, so it can tell subby whether or not I need to get out of here.

Thing is, I’m aware of that process working: 1) conscious mind evaluates, 2) tells subby if it’s yay or nay” — just like it was explained in the MasterKey System. Also, all my MKMMA stuff has been relocated, and I’m approaching it all from different directions so my whole brain is on alert. It’s making a lot of assessments right now and since it is at a higher alert status, it seems it’s a perfect time to re-energize the mastermind stuff (cards, reading, dream boards, shapes) because my brain is hyperactive right now cataloging new patterns and re-defining what’s normal. Even though I’m still in my house, everything I’m doing inside the house… is different. For my sits, now,  I actually go downstairs — instead of up from the basement — into the room via a different path to get to my “normal” chair.  HECK, Mark J’s got you guys changing cards and shaking things up for a new patterns. Just go move your office to another part of your house! Done deal.

So I figured this is good for me. I can use this process to re-calibrate my triggers and give them some new life, before it’s “business as usual” again in 21 days. Does that make sense? or am I nuts?  Well, actually, I know I’m nuts, but that doesn’t really negate the other.

Anyway, that was my epiphany. Now keeping my promises from the 2nd floor. See you next time.

4 thoughts on “Week 16.9 – I Just Thought of Something

  1. that is actually a post that goes right to my heart 🙂
    (hey you really ARE becoming a musician 😉 :D)
    the sound-thing, I can SO relate to that!
    and as of your location-epiphany: I did something similar (though not as drastic) somewhere after 1 month into the course: I completely rearranged my working space, and that made SUCH a difference! yes, also because it forced my brain to make new evaluations and connections. and of course the whole energy of the room changed and makes it much more easy to focus when I’m in there.
    and by the way: I think that symbolically it’s HUGE and FANTASTIC that You ‘came out off your basement’ and ‘into the light and the world’!!!!!! 😉

  2. Kelvin! Relating to your title of your post~ I’m so happy for you ~”that you just thought of something!”~ BRILLIANT!! having your awareness on higher alert and using that as leverage to implement the practices and reinforce the direction of your new Blueprint and DMP~ BRILLIANT!! Yes! You are becoming the you that you came here to be. that you now has his office on the second floor! amazing possibilities that a window might open!

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