Week 21 – Training my Thoughts

Week 21 – Training my Thoughts

1Best-MEMES-2014-The-BabyThis look… THIS is how I feel sometimes. I took the caption off this one. This look just says it all. I find these things on the web. They don’t appear copyrighted so… I use them. But have you ever “felt” like this?

Well, week 21 was not a problem for me.  I identified nicely with the MasterKey reading. You know, there’s a LOT of repetition in the MasterKey readings and you say WHY do they keep saying the same thing over… and over… and over again?  And then one day, there’s that “smack on the forehead” day.

Have you ever TRIED to feel consciousness? You want to talk about an elusive little bugger. When is that moment when you actually FEEL like you’re in touch, plugged in, IN the stream, instead of watching it from the shores. And when is the moment when you KNOW you’re in the stream instead of feeling like you are? Then, the weirdest feeling is once you KNOW you’re in the stream… how it feels the next time you realize you’re standing on the shores again wondering… “Hmmmm… how do I get back in?”

But, I made a lot of progress in week 21. FELT great — still do, really.  I have these awesome moments of “wooow… I got this!” Had a GREAT coaching session last week. The client didn’t commit but it was a great discovery session and I was seriously at the top of my game that week — MKMMA knowledge standing around just waiting to jump through my mouth and present itself to my client and though they didn’t commit to my program, when we parted, they felt enriched, more empowered and even had a shell of a plan to get where they wanted to go. And most importantly, we created a connection and the door is open to future connection if/when they are ready.

And at the moment, I RE-realized, that I am not the “typical” coach, if there is such a thing (“… salesman and goods, different from all others, and proud of the difference…”) and even if the client doesn’t sign with me right then they WILL be enriched, if they’re open to it, and if I can present them a plan and a direction in that brief time we have our breakthrough session then… why not? Because if I can do that in 30 to 45 minutes… hee hee… just imagine what we can do in the full partnership.

So, really, a lot of things went right for me last week. A lot of things came together that affirmed life, relieved stress, made life easier; cleared off the windshield so I could see further down the road, and the increased visibility was quite sweet.  So I’ll stay with that for now, and me and Subby (and I know that wasn’t proper grammar) will keep talking.

Strangely enough (I know, not strange to you) I’ve had some great interaction with Subby, lately. He’s advising and/or warning me about things; helping me find stuff I’ve lost — sneaking me hints on where to look. Took me on a weird trek through my basement to find something one day and did everything but flip on the light before I got to the door! (admiittedly, if he had… I’d have been a bit freaked out — at least the FIRST time! LOL)

But the more I deliberately communicate with him, the more he responds… and the more I trust the connection, the more the guidance comes so… like I said… life is good. That said, I’m confident I’ll be back IN the stream very soon; but really, getting splashed while standing beside it, is not so bad.

As we’ve wrapped up February and Scroll 5 — in the independent thinking department and letting subby know I’m making the decisions — we did some re-writes in the ether and we FOR SURE are not preparing to die at the end of each day (yes, Krystal; you’re right) to be surprised to be alive the next morning. Make no mistake about it, I am GLAD to wake up each morning, but that’s my intention for the next day — to wake up and continue the work I was doing the day before. So… let THAT be written (envision my power pose now!)

See you next time 🙂

18 thoughts on “Week 21 – Training my Thoughts

  1. yesyesyes, so you ARE well and firm on your road 🙂 couldn’t be happier for you!!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    enjoy!!!! and nice image: being splashed while standing next to that flow …. 🙂

  2. Lmao so the beginning picture lol needs a different one on the bottom…
    Though I love it when you find these pictures they are cute and very accurately depict a state of feeling …..

  3. Aloha Kelvin ,Shelby shared your post this week and so I checked you out 🙂
    AWEsome post I like the way you write hey no worries re gramma as its YOUR blog CREATIVE writing its where you get to write what you want how you want LoL…Mahalo’s for sharing and I too have shared 🙂

    1. Thank you, you awesome person YOU! Yeah, I tend to write like I talk. Drives people nuts sometimes, but…LOL… they’ll get over it 🙂 Thank you for sharing, my friend. I appreciate you. SHELBY is the one who got me involved in MKMMA — forced me to look at it she did. I owe her 🙂 She’s good peeps. Have a beautiful day!

  4. Lorelei suggested I read this post (most likely I would have anyway). She knew I would relate, as we were just talking about my feeling, just this morning over coffee. Yes, indeedy I have felt like this several times and the look on that child’s face is Epic!
    Keep shining Bright Kelvin. Every day we get to wake up, is a good day, right?!

    1. Thank you, Sherry! This has certainly been an interesting journey… and I seem to be the recipient of delayed reactions. Like the stuff has to sit with me for a couple of weeks and then it just springs up and I’m bouncing again. LOL. Love it. We’ll have to make sure to stay in touch after graduation 🙂 We can relive good experriences and celebrate our new ones. After the “pressure” of the weekly is gone then it’s just our own continued self-discovering. I’ve got a long time of self-discovering planned — a long with a little action of course. LOL. Besides. I need all the AWESOME SMILES in my life that I can muster 🙂 and you’ve got one so… stay close. And yes… waking up is my FAVORITE thing each day so far. LOL. (((HUGS)))

    1. Yeah… and I found myself singing another song today. LOL. This is getting crazy 😀 I’ll save that one for my next blog post again. LOL. ENJOY 🙂

  5. Yeah Kelvin, me and Subby talk all the time as well ( I just call him brain (like pinky and)). He helps me find or remember things, and sometimes lets me know I’m wrong, though usually doesn’t give much in the way of advice.
    I would really like to experience the splash of the flow and especially the flow of being connected like you were able to be. Where else could you even say such a thing without people wanting to call the men in their clean white coats to come and take you away? Lol.

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