Press Release

Press Release

  Via: Staff Reporter:  55 Plus Magazine
  August 1, 2017
“Kelvin Ringold, Prince of Positive — The Results of a Masterful Mindset”

Kelvin P. Ringold, Sr moved to Central New York in November of 1992. In his words, “I drove in from Sacramento the week before Thanksgiving 1992.  It started snowing when I hit Binghamton and it didn’t stop until June!” That was a year after he retired from the U.S. Air Force.

When he came to Syracuse in 1992, the business that has now made him an international celebrity — The Prince of Positive and Oracle of Optimism, as he is lovingly dubbed by his friends and associates — didn’t even exist in his mind.

Cover2a“We met Kelvin through the Professional Photographers’ Society of New York State in 2007. He became president of that organization in May 2008, and he was always such a positive person. People just loved being around him because he made people feel special and loved. ” And according to everyone we spoke to, “he always had a compliment, and a hug — even for the men — or a hand shake. He made people feel important.”  Another colleague told us, “There are two kinds of people who walk into a room. One says ‘Here I am!’ and the other says, ‘Ah… THERE you are.’ Kelvin was always a THERE you are person.”

Others told us he had a huge presence on Twitter when he first started, quickly reaching over 8000 followers, and over 1000 on Facebook, where his positive presence was equally felt and enjoyed.

Intensely Positive — his parent company — had humble beginnings. Kelvin’s first group positives were to his email joke list. He got an idea after receiving a “life-lessons learned” email one day and asked his joke list if they were interested in hearing his take on things; and he got an overwhelming yes! That later morphed into his first “public” motivational offering called Ramblings which he launched in August of 2003 and published once a month. Kelvin called it “stream of consciousness” but apparently his audience loved it, and many of them are still subscribed today!

Then one day in 2009 another photographer colleague commented after one of his FB posts, “Kelvin you’re always so positive and upbeat. What would you charge for a daily dose of positive?” He initially blew the idea off, but the more he thought about it, the more he liked it and on October 16th, 2010 — his oldest son’s birthday — Kelvin launched what came to be known as his “Vitamin K – Daily Dose of Positive.” Kelvin’s nicknames were given to him by fans. One day one of his twitter fans asked, “Where have you been? I need my dose of Vitamin K today…” and that launched the dream.

Kelvin had always wanted to be a motivational speaker, having become totally enthused by renowned speaker Les Brown. Then in November of 2008, Kelvin attended a Toastmasters’ Fall Conference with a friend, and heard Toastmaster’s 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking, Craig Valentine, deliver a speech that rocked Kelvin to the core, and at that moment, he decided that he HAD to find a Toastmasters Club, which he did, in February of 2009. On August 29th that same year, after 16 years at Upstate University Hospital, Kelvin “fired the boss” to become a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach — while continuing his professional photography.

But, life wasn’t so smooth for him over the next few years — a few bumps here and there, but he held on to his dream. He stayed active in Toastmasters, did some minor speaking locally, spoke a lot in Toastmasters’ Clubs and conferences, but didn’t really catch on outside of those circles. Then in September 2015 — over 5 years after Kelvin had decided to pursue his dream — a good friend, Shelby, contacted him and said, “Kelvin you HAVE to check out this Master Mind Group called MKMMA. I took their program last year and it changed my life!

Whenever Kelvin used those three little words, he was always referring to his top 3 books — Illusions by Richard Bach, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Anthony Robbins’ Unlimited Power. Up to that time, for Kelvin, those books had been his life-changers. But something went awry — the transition was not yet complete. But after such a heart felt recommendation from his friend… he did check out the MKMMA and the Master Key system, and life began to change and turn around right away!

Over the next two years … Kelvin went from a relatively unknown local nice guy to, in 2016,  a worldwide personality –speaking, coaching, motivating, mindset workshops, 90 second motivator audios, Vitamin K and Intensely Positive Books (Philosophical Supplements for your Attitude Health), inspirational cards, memes, and in July 2016 his Daily Dose of Positive reached 10,000 subscribers! In addition to speaking around the United States, Kelvin has now graced stages in Vancouver BC, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and, of course. Europe. He’s having a lot of fun, and even seems to be getting younger with each appearance!

NipCruiseShipow he hosts Intensely Positive retreats around the country, hosts exclusive Intensely Positive cruises, and is truly living the life he’d always dreamed — or perhaps that he’d always dreamed of dreaming.  And recently, he expanded his outreach in his local community and is a major contributor to  charity and “helping hand” programs, and special needs kids’ programs like the Autism society and International VCFS Center where he worked as an administrative assistant for 12 years.

KELVIN55PLUS01final-350pxAsk what’s next? Kelvin says,”I figure I’ve only got another 30 or 40 years on the planet, I may as well have some fun;” and off he goes tomorrow to Vancouver BC, with his elegant mate.

Apparently they didn’t see enough whales on his last trip. You go Kelvin! Your mom would be proud.