Week… What? 15?

Week… What? 15?

tailchasingOkay. Would the 3 people in #MKMMA who are getting all the readings done, and all the exercises done, and all the index cards, chores, and SITS done… would the 3 of you please comment on my blog — or email me — and let me know how the “bleep” you’re doing it? This also presupposes that you are also conducting your business/job, eating regularly and getting some sleep:-)  There’s got to be at least 3 of you, and inquiring minds — the other 300 or so of us — want to know 🙂 LOL.

Okay. That was fun; but some days I really don’t understand where the time goes and how I’m behind *again.* But, time is a moving target. Incidentally, I intended humor in the first paragraph — I’m beyond complaining.

Week 15 was an interesting week for me, and I really thought I’d written this post. I know I wrote a daily motivational piece to my subscribers about it, and I did a partial podcast about part of it, and have had several conversations, so it’s definitely been on my mind — at least a part of it.  This part “we are either refusing to give out what we no longer need, or refusing to accept what we require,” caught my attention, and brought to mind an excerpt from another talk I listened to. They spoke of the principle of vaccuum with the summary statement: “get rid of what you don’t want, to make room for what you do want.” And when I read that statement from the master keys, I thought… that applies equally to excess goods, as well as excess bad habits, ideas, thoughts and beliefs, when “…we cannot obtain what we lack if we tenaciously cling to what we have…”

I can be pretty tenacious. That caused me some thought — several days, in fact — as I processed a lot of things that I’d not let go of, and of course I decided “BAM” I’m going to change that right now — which, incidentally, diverts from time to do the other exercises. Sometimes, “Do it Now” can be a detractor, so I have to weigh that. But once I decide to do it, if I wait and schedule it, it will escape.  I believe, and teach, that “if there is no action, there was no decision.” And lately, I’ve been taking action to place myself in the proper position to receive the things I’m asking for. If I concentrate on money, a way to make it shows up! Unfortunately, the power ball wasn’t one of them but there’s always next time. I can’t rule out universal mind using that as a way out of no way for me 🙂  My word to change my life for 2016… is “consistent;” consistence leads to persistence.

But, strangely enough, amid confusion and uncertainty about several things, I’ve maintain a great and relaxed attitude, and I’ve been happy! I’m thinking of what I *do* want. I’ve also done some things that make me feel good — like treating my son to a movie and SNACKS!!!! to see Star Wars on Sunday. You might think, “see? he’s goofing off there instead of nose to the grindstone”, but … I rarely go to movies, and I hadn’t been to a movie theatre in years, I just decided to take some time and hang out with my son (he’s 31, but he’s my baby boy, and we don’t hang out so much.) I just decided let the world tend to itself for a couple of hours and luxuriated in the relationship with my son — and I got home just in time for Sunday’s webby. That was one of the most joyous things I’ve done in a very long time… and he appreciated it.

So pieces of the readings get through to me; key words and concepts seem to sneak in and suddenly I’m “doing it now,” if only for a little while, for something that feels key at the time. Then, it’s back to whatever. Maybe these things are insights sneaking into my awareness and I’m deciding to act on them. I don’t know. I don’t question things as much as I used to. It just feels like moments of clarity and I run with them. Then I settle back in to see what comes next. I really do feel that I’m gaining, and for the most part I’ve stopped worrying about whether my “insights and realizations” are like what other people are getting or having. Doesn’t matter. But I am noticing more when something feels relevant or insightful, and I’ve started taking those at face value (or gut value) and just going with them. They’re not always big… but they always feel relevantm=, and that’s enough for me, for now.

Have a most exceptional day.

5 thoughts on “Week… What? 15?

  1. Love that you had some enjoyable time with with your son. This is something to be truly grateful for. The world CAN tend to itself and as long as you are doing what “feels” right to you at that point in time I’d say “go with it.” That’s your inner self talking it’s up to you to listen 🙂 peace, light and love!

    1. Absolutely.. there will be more 🙂 LOL. Thanks for the exceptions comments and sharing your’e doing with my posts. You make me feel like a rock star :). Stay awesome!

  2. LOL. You’ve ALWAYS been smart 🙂 Don’t you remember? Thanks for the kind words, my friend. I should send you my color analysis. LOL. You’d think I was schizophrenic 🙂 I am enjoying — and will be digging in more. Not as hard on myself as I was, but still… lack of consistency has been my weakness for a long time so I’m focussing on that. Of course that begs the question of what I’m going to pick to be consistent with — and that is the magic question and the one that makes all the difference. One of the reasons I was so happy to join #MKMMA was because it would keep my focused for 26 weeks on doing and being who I need to be. And little “slips” aside, it has done that, and given me some awesome people on the same journey. That’s the gold here — and it’s bright and shiny and I’m loving it. And as usual, thanks for being here and caring enough to comment. I appreciate you.

    1. Thanks Kelvin. I’d enjoy reading your colour code. I have two MLM business partners taking the MKMMA. I talked them into getting their full analyzes so we can work better together. They are both blue. They drive my nuts being a white. LOL.

  3. Good daaaay your AWESOMENESS! I still giggle every time I see your smile. Thank you very much. I’m not beating myself up so much anymore — but some of the things I get behind on, I know has a benefit for me so I keep them on my list to do. And I would benefit by reconnecting with some of the habits that have slipped. Consistency is the ticket — the real deal! Thanks for staying in my corner! (((HUGS)))

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