Week 9 or sooo …

Week 9 or sooo …


So imagine, if you will, riding down a river (dreams or otherwise) in a fast moving boat and you fall out, and there’s no dead man switch so the boat keeps moving and you’re trying to catch up but no one notices you’ve fallen out so the sounds of “glub glub. . .” Oh, did I mention that your life vest was tied onto the boat so you’re out of the boat but still attached. . .  just wet and behind . . .  but you’re still attached.

It might sound pretty gruesome until you realize that the attachment to the boat  is in the form of my team mates and guide other caring MKMMA members who do, in fact notice . . . and keep throwing the rope out to grab so you can put yourself (or myself in this case) back in the boat.  So, I’m getting a little wet right now and swallowing a lot of water but I’m still on and easing  back to the boat. Eh?  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I FINALLY got my compass ordered — actually a set of 4 but it was hard to beat the price — so when they came in I immediately attached one to the wrist band of my FitBit so I get to look at it all day and remember.

But since I’m here, I am reading scroll three so with the words of “I will persist” ringing in my ears I’m hardly going to quit. Not sure how to catch up again but guess I’ll take it a day at a time.  BUT I’m pulling up on the rope and easing back up to the boat, so try not to make any sudden moves.

More soon.

7 thoughts on “Week 9 or sooo …

  1. Hey Kelvin! How’s the water? I hear it is fine. LOL
    Great to see you are still tagging along. Instead of being pulled behind the boat, try to roll over on your back, kick off the foot ware and do a little bare foot skiing. It should make the ride a little smoother. Just don’t curl your toes.
    We got your back.

  2. LOL. What an awesome visual that was!!! LOL. I’m on it 😀 More soon. And thanks for having my back. I’m adding more people to visit when I do my world tour. LOL.

  3. Inch by inch keep moving your hands up the rope and keep your focus on the compass (in this case the back of the boat) and pretty soon you’ll be right back on it 🙂 You got this! 😉

  4. I’m not going anywhere 😀 I just gotta learn to swim faster. LOL. Life is good. Thank you all so much for being such loving and supportive friends. I’ve spent the morning catching up — well, starting to. Holy smoke, MK Lesson #8 is a bit of a mind bender. I do not plan to miss any other sessions. So… you guys are STUCK with me 🙂 Woot woot! (((HUGS)))

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