Week 8 – Stalled, but not Derailed

Week 8 – Stalled, but not Derailed

IMG_0746-webGood day, my friends. I think I’m just squeaking in here with my blog post but unlike previous weeks I don’t have a lot of progress to report this week. Stalled, but not derailed, I say.  I missed last week’s webinar because of a two-day out of town meeting of which I was a principal; I’ve not caught up yet. Now, here it is “next weekend” already, and  I’m out of town for a conference and when I return home I have another client obligation that will prevent me from being at Sunday’s webinar. I asked the  universe for money and it sent me clients… which demanded time. Then Wednesday I had a speaking engagement so… I’m really behind but will definitely catch up.

My speech topic was “Life Lessons Learned from Photography” and mindset is an integral part of that conversation, and the way the discussion went, so much of the information from MKMMA was at my disposal that I definitely created some insight — and attention — in the audience I addressed 🙂 And next week is Thanksgiving so I’m driving to visit my family for several days.

But, for the most part, I’ve kept up with my reading; modified scroll two, kept up with the blueprint and reading (and revising) my DMP.  I ended up starting over once on my 7 day mental diet because I allowed myself to get annoyed one day and I just couldn’t seem to let the thing go, so… LOL… we entertained some thoughts.  LOL. But I recovered. I also kept a promise to myself — and my Vitamin K readers — that at least two of the posts for the week WOULD have an audio version accompanying the written message so keep my promises is still high (thought not perfect) and “do it now” is working better than you might imagine.

But the new stuff… is ganging up on me and I must WILL catch up.  So that’s me for the week! I’ll post more when I accomplish more but thanks for hanging with me.  Back at your soon.  Have an awesome day.

9 thoughts on “Week 8 – Stalled, but not Derailed

  1. Wow Kelvin! You sound wicked busy!!! I loved reading this and realizing my three days of first aid training, 3rd day with a 3&4 yr old in tow (they were sick no one to watch them). I KNOW you’re going to keep all your promises to your self. Cause YOUR AWESOME!!

  2. Kelvin, with all of your speaking gigs and clients and out of town conferences there’s a lot to manage. Getting all of the exercises in can be huge balancing act. I’ve found that as long as I continue with my daily sit, my core is available to assist with operating from my true self and making the choices with my time that are in alignment with my DMP. Be kind with yourself as you create the right adjustments and also feel into the harmony of the MKMMA Alliance that is supporting you in having what your true DMP is. It’s easy for those of us outside of you to see how these activities are bringing you closer and closer to having all that is in your DMP.

  3. Thank you, Fawn! I really didn’t think I was being so hard on myself 😉 But there is a lot going on. I started meditating last last year and was pretty consistent with it. At least 30 minutes a day. Not sure what happened with that balance, but I’m sure I’ll get it back. THEN the MKMMA stuff 🙂 All is well and I’ll be back in my rhythm soon enough. But they were very adamant about compliance and harmony, and I didn’t want to mess that up 😉 So I’ll be back in balance soon. Thank you for caring.

  4. You’re very sweet, my friend. Thank you. And I just glimpsed your blog title. LOL! I should change mine to Perry’s Chocolate Panda Paws, for the ice cream I love. LOL. Stay tuned for more. I appreciate your encouragement 🙂

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