Week 7 — OOPS!!!

Week 7 — OOPS!!!

IMG_0746-webGood evening, awesome friends, supporters and fellow MKMMA travelers. Wow… what an interesting week this has been. I nearly said, what a “trying” week, but that doesn’t quite describe it so we’ll stick with interesting. I almost forgot to do this blog post — so you know it’s been weird.Β  But it’s been a high task week, client work, I’ve taken my “studio” ON LOCATION twice this week for client work so it’s been a busy week, and a lot hasn’t gotten done but a lot has!!

THIS WEEK and last week should have been my most awesome weeks because everything we’re doing I’m in tune with. The dream board, the 7 day diet, the press release… ALL good stuff. Me making recordings? Already done! and more. But for some reason I’ve not got them finished πŸ™ The 4 shapes? all over my house — bathrooms, refrigerator, under portraits in my family/client consult room, every exit from the house, entry into my basement where my office is, on my staircase so it greets me anytime I come downstairs. OH yeah. and it’s on the side of my computer so I’m literally 24″ away from it my entire “work day” and it’s ALWAYS in sight. But the dream board and press release, I still have to finish.

I’m modifying my DMP again, also — just fine tuning. But something must be working because some awesome woman kissed me in a dream last night — and I woke up — that’s how good that was. LOL. In my DMP she’s supposed to show up on or before December 30, 2015 — we’re not touching THAT date πŸ™‚ And the last two weeks with 7 day mental diet and not giving opinions has been no problem either — I’d tackled both those areas a long time ago so I considered myself ahead of the game — not perfect, of course, but definitely in major harmony with those. And of course I told you about my “money bird” last post.

BUT my big win for this week was the conversation with my friend during the sit. That was fabulous. My life time best friend; truly my brother from a different mother. We’ve been so close since we met back in 1978 — or was it 79. But that’s who I was talking to, and when the exercise came up I was just immediately transported to his kitchen in Gulfport MS, where I saw him last, the January before Katrina. During the sit, he and I had a magnificent conversation. He was excited for me, we laughed, we danced, I could see him clearly, every expression, hear him perfectly, every word and it was almost as if I was there — and that was the most awesome conversation. And when it said, “talk to your friend,” I didn’t pick him… he was just suddenly there. Me, him, his wife, and we were all celebrating my success. I told them to get packed because the limo would be there in the morning to take us to meet the cruise I was surprising them with, and not to worry about clothes, money, nothing. Just get in. We’d buy new on the trip. And that conversation was as real as any I’d had with them in person. As a matter of fact, it might have been real enough to scare me — but I danced around the kitchen anyway.

Anyway, I’m sorry. This post feels like mostly babble. But it’s authentic babble πŸ™‚ and I’ll get the press release finished soon. I’m sitting here listening to some awesome smooth jazz on Pandora; and I need to add that to my DMP because I LOVE smooth jazz and it puts me in a magnificent mental place.

So, ipCruiseShiphere’s a little “advance” from the press release because one of my dreams — that I’d forgotten — is HOSTING an Intensely Positive cruise — as in MY GROUP has the ship for a week, with top motivators from around the world AND killer jazz artists like Wayman Tisdale (who unfortunately passed in 2009)Β  So here’s the graphic I created years ago and used to have on my FB page. Maybe it’s time to put it back. Have a sweet day.

I am definitely still in the game, my friends. I promise, and… well, you know πŸ˜‰Β  See you next time.

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  1. Hey Kelvin, You got your Press Release completed and you did a great job! So there’s plenty of progress since you first posted this blog post. When it comes to fully supporting and encouraging your very own Greatness, give yourself credit for really showing up in this way. It is a new learning and your willingness to embrace what’s good for you is extremely important! You really are being there for yourself! Well Done!

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