Week 6 – The Force is With Me

Week 6 – The Force is With Me

magnetizeA number of things have happened in the past couple of weeks that gave me cause — and pause — to smile, giggle or scratch my head. Creating new habits on the fly, minor compulsions to “do something now,”  ideas coming to me while I’m typing that change what I’m about to say while images pop into my head of Subby or the universe winking at me and dollar signs flashing before my eyes — okay, maybe I imagined that last part, but I didn’t imagine this next part.

So, imagine my glee as I’m doing Week 6 sit this morning — except instead of picturing that face on the photograph, I’m earnestly picturing a stack of money — since I have a fairly insistent requirement for cash flow right now (and do notice how carefully I am stating that).  My “movie” has this winged money flying through a beautiful blue sky, with puffy white clouds and landing at my house, and as the money bird is about to land in my yard. . .  my phone rings — I forgot to put it on do not disturb. I open my eyes to answer it and the alarm sounds on my phone, telling me the 20 minutes I programmed for the sit are up… The person on the phone is from a local law office looking for head shots for two folks at their firm, plus a little supplemental imaging.  Admittedly, it wasn’t the winning lotto ticket I was hoping for but, it didn’t stop me from dancing around the kitchen for a few minutes. I considered that creative in action. It breeds FAITH! Woo hoo!

In the meantime, I’ll a little behind (again) on my assignments for the week and I still have to do my interview and my DMP movie board.  I’ve been collecting things to put on it, plus I bought magnet material so I can put certain key words  and phrases in my path — “Do It Now”, “I Can Be What I Will to Be” and other phrases that resonate with me, so I can see them at key places in the house — entering and leaving doors, going to the fridge, sitting at my pc, etc.  I also keep fine-tuning my DMP and re-ordering things so the smart dates are mostly in sequence and my improved life has a sequential flow. For instance, before I give the $37,000 to charity that year,  I get to envision having already manifested the cash flow (via my smart dates) to draw it from.  Just feels better that way.  And once I could clearly visualize the money coming I, I wasn’t so resistant to having a nice house and car, and I have to say a sleek, black Lexus GS350 really does trip my trigger just a little more than the Hyundai Sonata I drive now. Having created the value for others in my mind, I’m no longer resistant to the reward.

AND I finally got through Emerson’s piece on compensation. HOLY SMOKE! my head spun — such a tough read! — but I slugged through it and finished with sigh of relief.  I needed an Excedrin when I finished, but I think I settled for deep breaths and a couple of yogurts.

I am grateful and amused for the habits I’m changing and have changed — because for the most part I’m not sitting and planning them, but as I go to do something a new thought takes over. I decided to add a voice component to my daily motivational email subscription (starting this week) because it forced me to change my work flow. As I was doing the first one in the new work flow mid-week, a little voice said, “do it now” so I surprised my subscribers with a bonus a half week early, and I was quite proud of myself for getting it done. Now the real week is upon us.

So I’m behind, kinda, but I’m catching up. OOOOOHH and I have a blog that I hadn’t posted to for a year (as was brought to my attention by a good friend.) It occurred to me that I HAD to write a blog post each week for MKMMA as a requirement to maintain the scholarship, so. . . if I could find the time and motivation for that because “I had to”, why couldn’t I spend a few minutes doing one for my MAIN SITE!!!  Hence. . . I’ve done two new ones, and added a few podcasts to my page so visitors know what I do. After all, this was why I fired the boss back in 2009!

I am not quite yet a slave to my new habits, but I am headed there, and I’m excited about it. More soon. Thanks for cheering.

BTW… “Greeting this day with love…” is not a bad thing either.  Just sayin’.

10 thoughts on “Week 6 – The Force is With Me

  1. Just sayin, Kelvin, Greeting this day with love really comes through in your sharing. Those special insights and following through on the just Do it moments seem to bring total delight to your heart! It’s palpable and feels genuine. There’s great beauty on how much you are allowing yourself to have and feel the spontaneous connection to your true creativity. I can easily see you in your sleek, black Lexus GS350!

    1. Thank you, Fawn 😉 I appreciate your insights. I have been a left-brain-aholic for many years. Replacing that habit with the new habit of *really* trusting the intuitive, feeling side is getting easier; allowing myself to really “feel.” I’ll keep you posted. LOL. Thank you for your support.

  2. Don’t you just love it when that happens – when you visualize something (especially money) and it happens just then? 🙂 I’m enjoying your posts a great deal.

    1. Thank you Suzanne! I am always honored when folks enjoy my posts. My visualizations are getting better, and a couple of times I even had my 3rd eye activate and that is a cool feeling. Stay tuned 🙂

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