Week 6 – Holy S…. Smoke!

Week 6 – Holy S…. Smoke!

Have you heard that saying when someone pays you a “compliment” and they say something affectionate like, “Kelvin… you have an amazing grasp of the obvious!”  Truth be told, I DON’T usually have an amazing grasp of the obvious, and I get surprised by obvious things all the time. Case in point!

IP_Clock-1748-SKYPEI’ve had my motivational business, now, for over 6 years; longer actually, but I gave up my day job to pursue it in earnest on August 29, 2009. On the left, you see my logo. It’s always been my logo. My friend Jim Pavlik developed it for me in 2005 when I became membership chair for the Professional Photographer’s Society of NY State. At the time, we had a negativity problem in the society, so Jim and I (at the time he was dubbed VP of Positivity) developed an “initiative” called Intensely Positive Photographers. Jim developed the logo, the clock and a bunch of buttons for us to wear at our annual conference that year to promote being positive. I wore that clock around my neck for 3 days at the conference. But, I was sitting here this morning… putting together my movie board, and was STRUCK by a most amazing realization!


From my personality test… I’m a yellow! My PPNs are Liberty and Recognition for Creative Expression — and gosh how I struggled to figure that out. And as I’m placing my shapes for my board I suddenly notice…THE OBVIOUS and my logo, my intentions, my dreams all just collided and I got an incredible RUSH when suddenly my logo associated with these colors, and my PPNs and took on a whole new significance in my mind. My branding — which has been there for years, as just some pretty pictures — just became a partner in the subliminal programming and re-enforcement for my DMP! And friends, it just doesn’t get much more exciting than that — and it’s already in place!

And now I know. . . beyond the shadow of ANY doubt that MKMMA and I were destined to collide, and I am so excited and enthusiastic, to experience this next 20 weeks, for what I have yet to learn, experience and grow through. This is awesome.

Thanks for listening.

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P.S. There is a REALLY VERBOSE story, giving the entire Intensely Positive start, archived at http://www.ringold.net/14_Gimme_Back_The_Button.htm. If you’d like some entertaining reading, check it out. But unless you speed read… be prepared to spend a few minutes. It is — however — much easier reading than Emerson 😉  Have an awesome day!

6 thoughts on “Week 6 – Holy S…. Smoke!

  1. Isn’t that great! Don’t you just love it when a moment like that happens and you slap yourself in the forehead? Kind of makes you wonder why you didn’t see it before. Kelvin, thanks again. I got Emerson read on Saturday. Finished strong and was prepared to look up words. Turned out the crappy wonderful rainy day presented me with time. The reading was easier than expected.

  2. That is pretty cool! How interesting that your PPNs and your colors, shapes and personalities all converged like they did. I agree that it seems you and the MKMMA were destined for each other.

    1. Forgive me for taking so long to respond, Suzanne. I thought I had. I am definitely excited about the reveal of the colors in my logo. Adds a whole new dimension. PPN is evolving too. Maybe I should get a tattoo! LOL. JUST KIDDING!

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