Week 5 – Closing (the week; not me)

Week 5 – Closing (the week; not me)

This has been a difficult week in keeping up. Between my personal/business workload, the course load (I still haven’t found that ‘1 hour’ sweet spot), re-doing my DMP — which I finally got rave reviews on (Go ME!), re-doing course / DMP cards, and being sick for 2-1/2 days, I’m a little behind. Still have to do my interview.

I was most challenged by my DMP but, I misread / misinterpreted the comments from my guide on my 3rd revision (that was after my web rant here) and when I really looked at her questions… it really narrowed me right in to what I was missing and my next revision “rocked”, according to her.Β  I do appreciate her patience (thanks Fawn!) and gentle nudging, and loving questioning until it sunk in what I needed to do. I ended up doing a spreadsheet so I could “visualize” the money I wanted to make and the logical source of all that. Wasn’t a requirement of the course, but it allowed me a bit of left brained feasibility to visualize where the money could come from that I was saying I intended to make. And then I warmed up to making 30 or 40K a month, and with the conversation of being in the flow… that money didn’t seem so far fetched anymore (sorry Universe).

I’ve been having heart-felt convos with Subby — by name πŸ™‚ Visualizing the little blue man nodding at me as I spoke to him, and via my last podcast, I’ve included some of the wisdom I’ve gained, and felt quite good about what I was saying. It will be podcast episode #4 entitled, “Change the Channel.”

I haven’t been as diligent to the exercises, mostly due to my schedule and the sheer volume of things, given my own business pursuits. Still I find the Master Keys very interesting reading — which I can’t really say the same for reading Emerson. Quite laborious for me. Maybe it’s resistance, but my eyes kinda glaze over when I try to get through his stuff in the work book.

Surprises!! I had a surprising surge of organization and planning things. Pushing through barriers. Scheduled two coaching clients — one pro bono and one trading services. Updated my Chamber of Commerce membership focusing on my speaking and coaching which are my creative recognition pieces, rather than the previous photography focus which also keeps me distracted from fully pursing the other two. AND… found out in the final analysis that the “thing” I needed to give up to get where I wanted to go with speaking and coaching was the slothfulness of not preparing stringently for either. Did some photo work with another coach and we’re trading services. I’m doing head shots for him and he’s doing coaching for me. This vulnerability thing followed me to his session as I uncovered yet another fear of success moment — being afraid, via my family history, that if I became too successful that perhaps I would fall prey to an over-active ego that I’ve sworn to keep under control.

So break-throughs abound which I truly trace to my involvement in this course and chipping away my personal concrete layers and exposing my true self — which I thought was exposed before but… apparently… not so much. Now if that special woman I’ve been looking for shows up via the reading of my DMP… it’s gonna really be a great Christmas. LOL.

See you on the call on Sunday.

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    We must have been hanging out in the same dimension. (smile). With this post…you not only validated my journey this past week…you also gave me a sense that I’m not traveling alone. Thank you for all you do and all that you are. xo

    Kelvin posted: “This has been a difficult week in keeping up.Between my personal/business workload, the course load (I still haven’t found that ‘1 hour’ sweet spot), re-doing my DMP — which I finally got rave reviews on (Go ME!), redoing course / DMP cards, and being si”

  2. WOW! Kelvin, there’s been so much movement and growth in this week for you!!! Truly!! To get where you got with your DMP required the tenacity and ingenuity that you let flow. give yourself a LOT of credit! Give yourSELF a lot of credit for re-reading your Guide’s questions and allowing them to be heard so you could get to the level of honesty that is your true self. Using the spread sheet isn’t a requirement but sure is a GREAT approach!! Bravo!! Everything your heart and true self has written on your DMP is rushing into your reality right on track!! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you Fawn. My history has been that I’ve been really good in helping other people gain clarity in their lives — provided, of course, they actually wanted it. Finding my own, until now, had not been as successful. I have thought back to the times when I was really on-target with things I was doing and they have all been times of intense focus and determination. And sometimes anger (well… anger for me isn’t quite how a lot of people define it) when I was just determined that “you’re not going to beat me on this one.” Staying in that focus is sometimes an art. I’ve got more posts coming because somehow this experience has tapped circuits that have not been available to tap for a long time and I’d remembered what they felt like “logically” but the emotional connection was cut. We seem to be bridging that gap, more and more daily. I’m really excited to see the “me” that is being built during this process. More later.

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