Week 3 – I’m Behind

Week 3 – I’m Behind

IMG_0746-webI’m behind, this week. I had some obligations earlier in the week that took me out of town, then I came back and I’m not sure where the time went but here it is Wednesday night and I haven’t done my revisions on my DMP, but I did catch up with reading and half the reciting, and I’m telling select friends about this amazing mastermind and some of them look at me in awe and some in… utter confusion.

Of course it’s all been very exciting for me. I’ve been fascinated with the subconscious mind and the self image since reading Psycho-Cybernetics (Maxwell Maltz) back in the early 80’s, and I really thought I knew this stuff! But, I was… mistaken.

But I was JUST OUTSIDE of the right knowledge. Like when you go to a restaurant or a good friend and ask them for their favorite pie recipe and they give it to you. Then you go home and make and bake it and it looks like their pie… but, it doesn’t quite taste right; and then you find out, oh! they didn’t give you all of it — they left out just a couple of the ingredients because they didn’t want you to be able to make that exact pie.  Well, that’s what I’m seeing in this course.  I had a lot of the right ingredients… but not in the right proportions or the exact order so… it really wasn’t the same pie.

Live and learn, eh? Okay. Time to get busy again. Deadlines approaching.

5 thoughts on “Week 3 – I’m Behind

  1. Good blog and honest at the same time. You’re not the only one who encounters obstacles and distractions. 🙂 But I have noticed that it is there even more knowledge, insight and development occurs. Take the only systematic way through mission after mission by just doing them and you will smile.
    This is how it has worked for me.

    Inspire // Mika

    1. Mika! This post is from October but somehow I missed it. Going through and seeing who I’ve missed and catching up. Thank you for taking the time and caring to post and I apologize for missing it. I’ll be better from now on. Have a beautiful day!

    1. Hey beautiful, I could have sworn I’d answered this, but apparently not. BUT we connect regularly so you know I wouldn’t ignore you. Thanks again. Woot woot! (((HUGS)))

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