Week 23 – Hop, Skip… Jump?

Week 23 – Hop, Skip… Jump?

heart_coffee_IMG_1004-300pxI haven’t written in a while. I THOUGHT that I just missed a week, but it is now March 27th and I attended our graduation ceremony yesterday so technically… I’m done — except for this nagging voice that says, “you didn’t do your blog posts.”  So here we are 🙂 I was going to do a wrap up and include everything that remained in it, and decided that wasn’t a good thing on several levels, so you get to suffer with SEVERAL blog posts from me today. At least we can break it into pieces and pretend they were different days. So I’ve hopped back to week 23; I’m not going to skip week 24 like I was going to (combine), and then we’ll jump to week 25 (which really doesn’t exist) and give my wrap up 🙂

Let me repeat that this month’s Og reading was NO PROBLEM for me.  I am Kelvin P Ringold, Prince of Positive and Oracle of Optimism — “POP-OO” to a select group of friends and followers. My main web site — and platform —  is www.INTENSELYPOSITIVE.com. So, reading a piece that says I will control my emotions, in the way it was written?  HA! No. I don’t go through the cycles it mentioned and re-inforcing those ugly patterns in my mind would have been detrimental to my psyche, so officially… in the re-write department… we did a LOT of re-engineering in that piece. There was no “waiting two weeks” to cross out the “will”s. That was done on day one! Take THAT Subby! Okay; there might have been a couple. I left occasional reference to… like…f.f..fear (I get a little queasy from time to time) and maybe I left an occasional allusion to one more, but just as a gentle reminder only — a glance over the shoulder —  for the weak moments. But, I certainly was not going to concentrate the kind of energy that reading suggested. End of story.

I am, however, really looking forward to scroll 7 — and I may end up SINGING that one. But we’ll see.  I just glanced at the first line, “I will laugh at the world…”


I’ve said previously, that #MKMMA #MKE took things I already knew — or believed — and connected the missing dots for me. I’ve been studying this stuff for a long time. I’ve been reading…and applying, and if you look close (feel free to enlarge the photo) I’ve read some pretty good stuff! There’s a couple of my biggies that aren’t represented in this photo. See them here if you like — and that list will be expanded soon. Because of that, I’ve been questioning and revising my beliefs for a lot of years. Most people never question their beliefs — they were given most of them by someone else, accepted them completely (sometimes via fear, sometimes via just faith.) But, if you’ve never questioned your beliefs, they are built on a weak foundation, and you can’t explain them or discuss them; you can only defend them… fearfully.

Once you’ve examined them, encompassed them and made them your own… it’s a whole different story. There is a confidence in true knowledge, that does not require defense. That is why, in my opinion, the Master Key system reads require some sit time and meditation time after each read. This is time to really contemplate these new concepts and see how they fit. Do they make sense? Can you connect with your higher self, however you experience it, and “have a little talk?”

Jesus-PeaceIn August 2002, my father — that would be the minister, btw — was dying of cancer.

He and I did not have a good relationship but I was still his eldest son, so I did the eldest son’s duty. From Upstate NY, I drove home (Salisbury, Md) to visit him several times during his latter illness, because he would ask for me. He’d tell my mom, “I sure wish Kelvin was here” and I found it difficult to say,” I can’t make it.” So I went as often as I could.

One week when I came back from visiting, I ended up in the Hallmark store — I don’t remember why I went in or what if anything else I bought, but I ran across this little stone carving of Jesus and bought it to send my dad. On the back I wrote the note, “someone to keep you company when I can’t be here.” I don’t know, really, if he ever woke up after receiving it, but the day he received it is the day he passed, and I ended up bringing it back to Syracuse after his funeral.

I tell that story because in sitting and meditating over the week 23 reading, the I AM statement, the universal connectivity statements, the “I AM not my body, but my body contains me” thoughts and the sit to really “concentrate on the fact that man is not a body with a spirit, but a spirit with a body…” I was compelled to bring that etching into the kitchen (kept me in touch as I went for coffee, etc) and “have a little talk with Jesus” about this whole thing — more from an ascended master perspective than the only true son of God perspective; but still I sought to gain some clarity through thought and meditation.

There’s an incredible amount of redundancy in the Master Key readings. They say the same thing most weeks, usually putting a different spin on it each week. So, some weeks I’d say, “huh?” and others I’d say, “OOOoooooh.” Week 23 was an “OOOoooooh” week. And during the sit for week 23, several things came to me, and I experienced one of the biggest downloads I’ve received during the 26 weeks’ class! The words just came pouring into my head and I had to stop reading and sitting, and start writing, because I wanted to capture those thoughts and then meditate on THOSE. Unfortunately for you… you’ll have to wait to hear about that download — but it was significant — in not monumental for me.

So, briefly, back to the paragraph about the books and my teaching and belief examining et al, you might be inclined to ask…”Gee Kelvin, then why ain’t you rich?!” And I would answer that question as follows. If I had studied that knowledge and applied that knowledge as intensely as I have applied myself to learning these principles in the past 6 months… I believe I would have been rich, long ago. But like Mark and Haanel say — and like I have adopted and repeat to myself several times daily, “Knowledge doesn’t apply itself.” I’ve GOT copiesssss of “Think and Grow Rich.” I LOVE that book. But to study and to apply, and to persist… is the key. Scroll 3 — “I will persist, until I succeed.” I didn’t, so I didn’t.  Almost ALL of the books on that shelf, I have read… or partially read — but not studied, dissected and applied with persistence.

And the applied with persistence and focused thought is one of the main points of this mastermind. In 6 months… ask me again. And with love in my heart, being one of nature’s greatest miracles and persisting until I succeed… it is my INTENTION to be in my new life, and have a different answer for you, for that question.

Thank you so much… for listening. The #MasterKey Experience. There’s Nothing Like It!

See you next post.

7 thoughts on “Week 23 – Hop, Skip… Jump?

  1. Aloha Kelvin ‘Illusions’ by Richard Bach ONE of my ALL-Time Fav’s glad to see that was at the top of your list I still carry that one around the world with me 🙂 LOVE Your Post this weekand looking forward to reading about the download Keep On Keeping On! #LiveYourDream

    1. Thank you, very much, Loelei! That book is the only book I ever bought for the express purpose of giving it away 🙂 It took it’s hold on me in 1977 and has not let go. We’ll have to have a talk one of these days 🙂 I’ve a feeling we will stay connected 😉 Have an awesome week!

  2. And yes one can’t help why all those books didn’t help! Seems like the one you should have read first isn’t on the shelf? Og! I tried but couldn’t spot it. All that meat and no gravy! Or is it Potatoes? Anyhow you had the Knowledge, so close yet so far. Intensely Positive! Until the coming of the MKE I can’t say I recall hearing those words together and now they I will always see you when I read them. I am somewhat surprised they are not part of the MK lessons. Perhaps next year they will.
    I love the stone carving of Jesus. This section got me to pause a moment and reject back. Our fathers passed almost a full year apart. Mine in July 2003. For some reason I had to do the math. Anyhow I see your carving as a port hole in which when you talk to Jesus you are also talking to your Father. Yes I get a little deep at times, and it always seems to light the way.
    Bring on the last blogs! I can’t wait.
    Be Intensively Receptive! The Power Lies Within.

    1. You never disappoint 🙂 But actually, there are two Og books in that stack — I made sure they were visible. Even back in the day when I bought Og books in hardback. BUT Og’s GSW was also on my self — it wasn’t in that picture because it’s on my desk for daily reading 🙂 And of course, YOU showed us the follow-up to GSW so I may check that out, or I may go back and read the previous ones before. Regardless, we’re not done with Greatest Salesman yet so I can wait. Onward and upward my friend. Great things to come. Thanks for your response.

  3. quite a chunk 🙂
    one that I can relate to in many ways 🙂
    oh, wanna know my personal bibles, from way before the MK that DID help me a LOT, and still do, even if indeed me too I lacked some tools to tie some dots together? Eva Pierrakos, 3 books about Pathwork.
    enjoy 😉
    and oh, the ONE dot that was missing for me until only a few days ago and that made my life although a wonderful ‘succession’ of little miracle already but still not really my ‘rich’ :p dream: ‘I deserve’.
    check my last blog if you want to know more about that…. 😉

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