Week 20 – Hindsight is 30/20

Week 20 – Hindsight is 30/20

chartFor eye exams, 20/20 means you can see at 20 feet what a normal person can see at 20 feet. 30/20 means that you can see at 30 feet what a normal person would see at 20 feet, so this would indicate that you’ve got pretty good eyesight!

Seems I can’t write a blog post dealing with JUST the current week; I always have to revisit earlier weeks — in this case, back to week 16 — you remember; the kindness week. Mark’s hug marathon. I wrote previously that I didn’t do as much as I could have that week. The other part of that was, there were all these people talking about acts of kindness of taking shopping carts back — and I’m thinking, “what kind of act of kindness is that?!” They pay people to get those carts and take them back to the store. I don’t get it!

I’d forgotten hold cold 23 degrees BELOW zero really is, so when the temperature dropped, I really couldn’t figure out why I was outside in it! But one of those days I went to my local supermarket. I was walking from my car to the store, and there was a young mom who’d just wrestled her purchases into her car and then — while wedged very tightly between her car and the one beside her — was wrestling her infant child in the carrier into her car, while the driver next to her patiently waited for her to finish. And as I passed her car, knowing that after she finished getting the baby out of the cold, she’d have to leave her and take that cart 20 feet down the lane to the cart rack, I heard a sound come out of my mouth that said, “I’ve got this cart for you!” And then I heard HER EXCLAIM, “Oh… thank you SOOOO much; I really appreciate that…” And there it was. 30/20.Β  And I apologize to all the cart taker-backers I silently questioned that week — especially since two days later I did it again for someone else, and they didn’t even have a baby (gulp). So there.

Now; back here to week 20. It’s just been a great week. Lots of things falling into place. Subby has been busy arranging opportunities for me, and I want to tell you about just one of them. I’m a life coach. About a month agoa colleague mentioned a new Health and Wellness Center that opened in our area that she was working with. She suggested I might check them, as they might be looking for a life coach. For a number of reasons, I didn’t pursue that opportunity. Then, last week I got a phone call from another friend, asking if I did life coaching. I immediately (note… no hesitation) said, “Yes… I do!” (He knew that incidentally). He then said, good, because I have a friend who is looking for a life coach, not for themselves, but for someone they know, and you’re the only person I know who does it. May I give them your information?” I said yes. As it turned out, he gave my information to the SAME person my other friend had discussed, except he had an even closer professional relationship with them than the first; and his recommendation got me an immediate appointment and now… I’m a recommended life coach for that center. When I checked their Facebook page, we had 9 mutual friends virtually ALL of which I’d worked with closely in one capacity or another, and all of which would have stellar recommendations for me, if asked. And THAT made for a believer moment for me and the power of the law of attraction. Hats off to Subby!

Several other “coincidental” things happened last week, and I really haven’t even invoked all the mechanisms presented in Part 20 MasterKey, but this week… the hero’s journey became much less daunting. Things are lining up and life is good. I continue to be grateful, and me and the Hallelujah Chorus commune often — at least briefly — and if you don’t understand that reference, see my week 19 post.

Other things have happened, kindnesses given which cannot be repaid, promises I kept to some who took me up on them, but who very likely were surprised that I did what I said I would do — people who really need a miracle, and I’m hoping I can be part of bringing it to pass. So Subby isn’t done yet, but I’m usingΒ  him on someone else’s behalf. So the shopping carts weren’t my only 30/20 moment over the past couple of weeks.

Chapter 20 has been enlightening and invigorating; challenging but inviting. I find myself having frequent conversations about thought and unchangeable principles, and the power of visualization and how to actually think! Some listen with fascination, some apply what I’m teaching, but I’m teaching with a knowingness that is stronger, and there’s power in that. I say again, that everything I was teaching prior to this course was accurate — but this Master Key Mastermind has added a solid foundation that previously was backed by faith, but has now been bolstered by scientific proof, and that is simply incredible. And I can’t WAIT for next week. Yeow!!

YOU have an awesome week!

12 thoughts on “Week 20 – Hindsight is 30/20

  1. Yes Sir!
    The power of the Law of Attraction and Hind Sight. Both powerful tools, when we keep an open mind and trust ourselves with blind faith.
    Even if it takes us longer to see the point of something. When the time is right we shall see the light in the action.
    Mahalo for the share Kelvin
    Subby has your(our) back(s)

  2. Love this post! As I do all of your posts πŸ˜‰ So glad things are falling together for you. It’s amazing how RAOK can literally make someones day and yours. It’s a great feeling. Have a blessed week!

  3. yéééééé!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    such a delight to read! and on you go, further and further, wowwowwow….. WHAT will THAT then be…..:) Enjoy!!!

    1. Thanks, Eleanor! The hero’s journey has been an interesting puzzle for me. I think the biggest confusion for me is… I’ve been here before. And I thought I accepted it long ago and then… “Ground Hog Day” and I was back to “the previous day.” But… I think I might be there this time πŸ™‚ We’ll see very shortly. LOL. Thanks for your comments.

  4. AND – don’t forget that given time, you will realize that your 30/20 will become your “normal”. Then you will stretch yourself to 40/20! Never miss those opportunities to take back a cart. “I give without expectation of reciprocity from the channels I enrich……”. But we are enriched in some way.

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