Week 19 (and 18, and 17 and…): Grateful

Week 19 (and 18, and 17 and…): Grateful

Attitude_Fotolia_43155741I was finishing up dinner tonight… after reading the Master Key lesson for week 19.

I was thinking about doing my gratitude cards  for each day — or at least a few days — when a BUNCH of things I’m grateful for started flashing through my head:

  • I’m alive… again!
  • I am healthy
  • I am free of prescription meds
  • My baby boy’s birthday is tomorrow
  • I woke up this morning
  • My kids love me

… and the list went on and on and on and suddenly, I started singing in a bold and fun voice, “I am Grateful” and then started laughing.  Then I wrote on the paper I was reading “I am Grateful!” and then I went upstairs and wrote “I am Grateful” on the “Guy in the Glass” and on several things around the house, laughing all the while.  So what was I laughing?  LOL.  Maybe I was inspired by Danny Linkert in our mastermind group last night — who sang a special version he wrote of “Guy in the Glass” — but when I first sang out “I am Grateful” it was to the opening frame of the Hallelujah Chorus, and it just got crazy from there.

If you want to put some energy behind the words, “I am Grateful,” try singing it energetically to the rhythm and volume of the Hallelujah Chorus, with the most loud and energized version you’ve ever heard.  It’s a perfect replacement!  Instead of Hallelujah… (4 syllables) just replace it with “I Am Grate-Ful”  (4 syllables).  And when you get to the part where the bass kicks in (you’ll figure it out) change it to “I am so grate-ful, that I’m grate-ful.” And handle it from there.

Whether or not you’re religious, that’s a tremendous piece of music with incredible energy, and when you substitute “I Am grateful”, particularly as you started thinking about the things you’re grateful for… you can have some real fun.  I found a copy on YouTube to help you out!  And for you purists, Hallelujah is “a shout of joy, praise, or gratitude.”  Soooo… pick your poison 🙂

AND… incidentally, if you can’t think of things to be grateful for… I did a GRATITUDE LIST on my birthday back in 2013. There are some good ideas to seed your thoughts.



23 thoughts on “Week 19 (and 18, and 17 and…): Grateful

  1. Encore! Encore!
    Yes that is powwerrrful! I want to here you sing it on the next tribe call. LOL.
    Ok I have to confess a little. I was thinking of a different Hallelujah. Leonard Cohen. Either way it works wonders. Now to put all my affirmations to song.
    Just goes to show you how a little music can inspire the soul.

  2. Thank you; I was laughing at/with myself because it was so nutty but man did it feel good. When you’re singing with the Hallelujah Chorus no amount of emotion feels like too much 🙂 because it’s such a powerful peace. I HAD to share. Have a great week!

    1. You are so very welcome, my friend. Glad I could be some inspiration. Have a beautiful week AND hope you had an awesome Valentine’s Day. Hope you got to giggle! 🙂

        1. You certainly do! I count gratitude as one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Thank you, Eleanor, very much for your reply. Have an incredible week!

  3. Great post! You know what this reminds me of? That one scene in the movie THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT where Samuel L. Jackson starts to load his gun to the song, Mannish Boy by Muddy Waters. Classic scene! Hope you enjoy.

  4. 😀 😀 so now I get to read your blogs not only because I already did, but because ‘I have to’ according to the blog-roll, HA-Le-Lu-Jah 😀
    and what’s so funny even more: I actually did my recording on ‘Rejoice’ also from Händel’s Messiah (where your Hallelujah comes from 😉 ) . I almost posted in my week 19 blog (http://masterkey.dominica-eyckmans.com/week-19-i-enjoy/) but did not.
    but still: look for it on youtube, and combine … 😀 you could somehow figure out the ‘I’m grate-full, I’m grateful, I’m gra-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ateful’ on that musical line 😀 Enjoy! 🙂

    1. LOL. You’re awesome! and thank you. I think I shall have to do that, I mean… I think being grateful SHOULD be a masterpiece performance, don’t you? Big HUGS! and thank you — and you just reminded me to add some new blogs to my following (gulp). You’re so good for me :-). Hope you’ve had a most incredible day my friend.

  5. Totally uplifting, Kelvin! I truly LOVE the singing with abandon and simply going for FEELING the power of gratitude. WOW!! Loved doing this with the you tube video! You’re spot on my friend!

    1. Thank you, awesome Fawn! I’ve shared that with a few others. It’s a pretty much universal hit 😀 See you soon. Looking forward to our next tribe meeting. We ALL are 🙂 See you then.

  6. Great post Kelvin! And a Happy Birthday to your son as well – treasure those moments! Our children love us, be sure to TELL them you love them as well. Every day, it will come back to you!

    1. Every day, my friend. Or at a minimum every 3rd day. LOL. You know work, texting, millenials. LOL. I have said that he loves me more than I deserve — but; I’ll take it. LOL. Have an incredible day and week!

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