Week 18 – The Beat Goes On!

Week 18 – The Beat Goes On!

happy_demotional-b.jpgGreetings! your awesomeness(s)! That is the PLURAL of “your awesomeness”, because I want to make sure I acknowledge every single one of you!

As I sit here sipping my freshly brewed coffee and snacking on ginger snaps and crunchy peanut butter, I’d like to say it’s been an awesome week. No particular reason; I’ve had frustrations, technical/equipment problems, unscheduled interruptions, difficulties, work not done, stuff not handled… AND… I didn’t even come CLOSE to winning that Work Week challenge with my Fitbit group. The winner was at LEAST 25,000 steps ahead of me for the week. They must have walked to the moon and back! Yet, I had a spectacular week!!

I enjoyed the Master Key lesson, though I had some issues with scroll 5. I didn’t have as many issues with scroll 5 as many people had, but for my issues with scroll 5 I simply overlooked them and embraced the parts I did not have issues with. I did go back to review those things I didn’t agree with and worked on putting them in context and perspective. For instance, in context, I understood that “greet each day as if it were my last…” was a determination to stay focused on the day, rather than the past or present. In today’s vernacular, that’s “being present.” Then, I opened my email and had note referencing this quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer: “Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed.” And that was good!

But, if I took that scroll literally, I’d work like a dog, unceasingly, every day, until bed, never taking a bit of leisure, and going to bed LATE from working; then provided I didn’t die overnight, I’d gett up the next morning happy to be alive and do it all again. I know the point was don’t waste the days away doing nothing, which was laid out by the previous 4 scrolls.

There was also the part about “why did I live, and the other person not, when I was no more deserving” which seemed to conflict directly with me being nature’s greatest miracle. BUT he did ponder whether it meant “they” — the persons who died — had accomplished their purpose on earth and he had not? Good question, because in reading one of my FAVORITE books, “Illusions, The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah,” I find the passage which reads, “Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you’re alive, it isn’t.” 

And lastly, I did get a momentary “ich” feeling when he spoke about fondling his children, but “fondling” didn’t have the negative connotation back then that it’s been transmuted to today. So that was just a minor readjustment to “intent.”  And in my communication, I always try to !

I haven’t manifested this week as I’d instructed Subby — at least, not in the way I instructed Subby. But it’s been a week of wins, and I’ve been happier this week, than in a long time — perhaps because of the “energies”I let go of a couple of weeks ago they were no longer serving me.  There were lots of potential issues this week, but the Law of Substitution and the Law of Dual Thought have been busy in my life; and perhaps the Law of Growth, because I have definitely been more focused on future success, than any apparent lack or limitation, and I’m even coaching two people on achieving their goals, with some definite influence from #MKMMA, for sure.

Curiously, everything I’ve been studying lately has served to reinforce #MKMMA teachings (and Mark J’s voice). I was on a webinar this evening on creating products to offer on the web, and the host wanted to discuss the top 12 reasons why people fail on the internet. See if any of these ring a bell: 1) Mindset, 2) Quitting-never quit, 3) Fear of Failure, 4) Wanting to Earn Money for doing Nothing — as in no work, 8) only thinking about the money instead of how can I be of service to help other people, 11) not being prepared to help others… and he recommended the book “The Go Giver.”  All Emerson, give more to get more, being in the dynamic flow, persistence! So whether I’ve been reading MKMMA, it’s being quoted back to me from numerous sources anyhow!

I’ve also had numerous positive experiences this week. A Do It Now moment, when I scheduled the appraiser for my house for 2:00p that afternoon the first day I spoke with him, rather than the two to three days later I’d already made up my mind to do (and had rehearsed in my head!) Then there was a kindness moment from me, when a headshot client from LAST SUMMER decided they really didn’t like the last photo I did of them LAST SUMMER — and I said, come to my studio and we’ll redo it, no charge — which I’m sure surprised her. She was much happier with the new ones, however, even just on the back of the camera.

I was invited to hear a 20 piece jazz band perform on Wednesday night I LOVE JAZZ!and I gave myself permission to NOT be BUSY, and to go enjoy that. World-class musicians, right here in Syracuse. I met new friends, hung with existing friends, and got to hear one incredible drum solo, then went home on an incredible high after 3 hours of flawless music. Then, on Friday I was invited for a little socialization with another friend and this morning (Sunday) an impromptu call from another friend and colleague who bought me breakfast!  PLUS… I fixed my tech problems with my computer — and even MORE! Lots of energizing positive stuff to put on cards from this week.

SO… energy is high, confidence is high, production is up, and everytime I go past the guy in the glass, he winks at me and gives me a thumbs up. He actually knows what’s not getting done, but he knows what *is* getting done, and he’s okay with that — at least this week.

Then, the movie —  documentary — “I Am“, was incredible & eye opening. Inconceivable, on many levels, that we are connected in that way by our thoughts, and that science can actually measure the force of our thoughts — mind in motion — to the extent that they can. Luckily, it’s on my baby boy’s Netflix so I can just go watch it again. Now I have to see if I can find “Finding Joe.”

So that’s about it, except for one last thing I did (after fine-tuning my DMP once again). They asked what unique ways we keep our DMP’s in front of us. Years ago, I bought a digital photo frame, and I re-discovered it in a box, still functional. So, I took all the photos and screen shots that are on my dream board, images of what I want my life to be, places I want to speak, accomplishments I intend to manifest, my shapes, logos, affirmations (via screen shots or photos from your phone camera) … and I loaded them into this digital frame, and put it on my desk so I can see it. Now, I’m continuosly running a slide show — in view, or just out of view — so when I turn and look, my dream board is flashing at me, moment by moment, dream by dream, with a hand-written note across the top that says, “Window Inside my Life” — with RED sharpie. And if I (or you) happen to be playing my/your favorite energized music, then all the better. I keep this running constantly; sometimes even after I go to bed, so if I wake up in the middle of the night, it’s flashing at me then too.

So if you have one of these laying around, there’s a great use for it. If not, you can probably find similar models fairly cheaply these days and do your own. Click that photo and it will take you to Amazon (yes, there are affiliate links on this page) but there are cheaper ones on the page.

I’ve been running this for about a week now, starting the day of our last webby, I think. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so happy all week. Time will tell.

Have an awesome day!

I always keep my promises…

8 thoughts on “Week 18 – The Beat Goes On!

  1. WOW! What a great blog Kelvin!
    Even after last nights master mind I am impressed. And the photo frame! I will diffenately dig mine out. Don’t know how I forgot it, ok yes I do. Out of sight out of mind.
    Mahalo Bro

    1. Thanks, Dan! Heck, I’m thinking about going to buy a bigger one. Actually, I’m going to do a video and put it on YouTube — I’m just slow 🙂 When I think of some other photo, some other goal or something I just add another picture. Lovin’ in 🙂 Glad I could help. Thanks for commenting.

    1. Thanks Syracuse buddy! We need our own branch here, you know 🙂 Thanks for your awesome comments. I love the support I get in this group. MKMMA and Toastmasters. Yay! WHAT a combo 🙂

  2. LOL. YOU crack me up. And I even got to hear you giggling, and that was priceless. LOL.On my digital frame I can even add a music file in there and it would play through frame — but I don’t like low fidelity sound so I can watch it and use my phone or lister at my pc. LOL. Pick whatever music MOVES you 🙂

    Okay. Go giggle some more. I’m stil cracking up here.

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