Week 17 – Catch-Up and Settle

Week 17 – Catch-Up and Settle

I’m gainindogpanting.jpgg on myself.  Some days I feel like this little guy.  From the look on his face you’d think he’d been running along beside the car for a while, right?  Last week I noticed that I’d missed a bunch of comments on my posts. Some back to December. I was not happy. How’d I miss those? I’m the guy who will spend hours on FB answering individual  birthday wishes (last time I had over 300) because if people thought enough to actually write me a note, I think they deserved to have personal message back from me. So when I saw comments back to December… ugh.

Despite everything this blog post will be short.  First of all, I finally got to watch one of the movies. I got two, but only watched one: WILD!  Holy sh…moke! She ended up with a DMP — to become the woman her mother always told her she was. I’m pretty sure I’d have found a different route — but when you’re charged and determined you do what you need to do. She picked her path to self discovery and she stuck it out.  Persistence was easy to see, but her plan of action was more like “go that away” and “don’t stop till you get there.” But I think her 1100 mile trip ended up being more like 1400 and she had lots of adversity along the way. I kept thinking that wolf (may have been a fox) would have a more significant role — the spirit of her mom come to check in and give her hope. It was a good and thought provoking movie.

The week started out well, with me doing my readings and sits. It felt good to sit and think… no demanding topics just.. focus on abundance. Unfortunately, the week got hectic after that. The sits suffered and so did I. Yet, I’ve been able to maintain a calm attitude in the face of some pretty daunting stuff and I only let myself get annoyed once this week — unfortunately, it lasted a couple of days. I turned my thoughts to more pleasant things but the annoyance was magnetic and keep drawing me back. I did eventually let it go, but it left it’s mark. In my daily motivational, I sent out The 7 Day Mental diet for people to ponder. Strangely enough only two people have commented on it; we shall see.

I carry the torch of #MKMMA. “We teach best what we most need to learn” (thank you Richard Bach) so I’m teaching. I have two people who took me up on having me coach them through their 2016 goals. Getting their abbreviated DMP together and putting purpose and feeling behind their emotions, and soon to teach them how to focus.

So let it be written. Have a great day!

9 thoughts on “Week 17 – Catch-Up and Settle

  1. Hey Kelvin! Great blog! Short and to the point. That was one hell of a movie wasn’t? A fox it is, That was the easiest sign I got right away. Her mother’s spirit. After all animals tend to be more in tune with the spirit world than man. Prob because animals don’t waste there time thinking. Anyhow have a great weekend and see you on our next tribe call. Mahalo!

  2. Great post as usual albeit a shorter one than usual 😉 haven’t watched that movie yet but it is definitely on the list. As for those who chose you to help them, they won’t regret it, you rock!

  3. It’s true, Kelvin. there’s no doubt you’ll be an amazing coach to the two people who chose you to help them. I can go with the Fox as well. Loved her resolve and who she became through staying with herself throughout her journey. The power of the sits keeps coming through in your written words. Your light is shining brightly.

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