Week 14, “I am nature’s Greatest Miracle…”

Week 14, “I am nature’s Greatest Miracle…”

tuning forkI really enjoyed this week’s scroll, and this week’s Master Key reading. I don’t even think  I found anything to have to “adjust my attitude” on. Usually there’s something I need to mediate inside my head — you know; “Mr. Left Brain… calling Mr. Left Brain…” But this week, starting with the scroll, I really just relaxed into and enjoyed that. Partially, I think, because I’ve been telling people for years what miracles they were — even the “least” of us… and that if we tried to reproduce” the “technology” that’s built into every one of us at birth — with no owners manuals, mind you — it just cant’ be done — though I give man credit for trying. So I was comfortable with that — and it really felt good reading it aloud.

Having been an electronics technician in the Air Force, everything in the Master Key resonated with me also, except I used to consider that we were are transmitters; broadcasting our thoughts and wants out into the universe to collect with like thoughts. But during this read it occurred to me that we’re more like a tuning fork. Yes, we’re sending out our vibration but in reality we’re looking to align our frequency with one that is harmonious with what we want. But THAT frequency — the one we want to align with — is a fixed frequency that will not change — but we have the power and ability, to adjust our frequency to match what we want and thereby come in tune it. Dr. Wayne Dyer’s quote, says “Abundance isn’t something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” And for me, “abundance” is multi-faceted — health, wealth, peace, harmony, love, laughter.

All our lives, we’ve been letting other people tune our dials, and now we’re learning to tune our own and the secret is learning to allow ourselves to resonate with what we really want.

I’m still tuning, but I’m getting closer.  I went back to week 13 and tried that sit a couple of more times — that and just “being still.” Sometimes a little back tracking is not a bad thing.

Hope you had a good week too. Come “hum” along with me. LOL.  MMMMMMMMMmmm.  Concentrate on harmony.

Have an awesome day.

15 thoughts on “Week 14, “I am nature’s Greatest Miracle…”

  1. Great visual to go along with your wonderful analogy of our energy being that of a pitch fork. I like this association, Kelvin. Can feel you being in your own harmony. Encourages all of those around you to be in theirs. Cool!

  2. Hey there you are! Right at the wire. Left brain calling left brain? Opps! Typo! Tuning fork needs a little adjusting. LOL. Lord I should talk. This week is going to be brutal on me as after reading my full color code, I have noticed more areas I need to tune in in a bad way. Or maybe I am jumping the gun a little.

  3. Brilliant analogy. When you get right down to it, and realize that everything is made up of a gazillion electrons, all moving, then it follows that each individual person or thing must have its own frequency. If you can tune yourself into that frequency, then you will be in the flow. Thanks for sharing this Kelvin. Happy new year!

    1. You’re welcome, Colin! Have seen one of those lighting balls — for lack of a better term. Radio Shack used to have them, I think. [ Okay;I just looked it up. The proper term is plasma globe — via Nicola Tesla — I think I need to read more about him.) Anyhow, you put your hand on the glass and the lightning bolts go to your hand (http://www.walmart.com/ip/Creative-Motion-Creative-Motion-Plasma-Ball-Table-Lamp/10057079) I think I’m going to go buy one and bring it home and play with it. Use it during my sits — and see how good my focus *really* is. Then when I can manipulate that energy without touching the globe I think I’ll be on the right track for manifestations 🙂 Woot woot! Wish me luck. LOL. Wishing you your most incredible year yet!

  4. MMMMMMmmmmmmm! I’m humming 😉 Love your analogy of the tuning fork. Tuning our frequency to match the frequency we want to be on….brilliant! Tuning into abundance, love, happiness, gratitude and perfect health. 😉

    1. Thank you so much, and for all the retweeting you did of that post. Yay! I appreciate you 🙂 Let me know if you listen to the podcast. I find a good bit of MKMMA ending up in my wisdom 🙂 Go figure. LOL.

    1. Thank you my friend. I’m a little late getting back to you but I hope your week was awesome. That smile of yours should bring nothing but sunshine 🙂 HUGS!

    1. LOL! Thank you 🙂 Maybe we’ll do a duet sometime 🙂 LOL. I’m good a drums. Don’t have to tune those 🙂 LOL. Thanks for your retweets also. I appreciate you. I need to spend more time doing that. I almost feel like I’m catching up 🙂 Woot woot! Have a swweet weekend.

  5. Keep pressing on my friend. We are all past the point of no return, and subby no longer is the dominant character in the story of our life. Your future you is already proud of your completion of this course. Blessings

    1. YO Colin! I am SOOOO sorry it’s taken me this long to see your post. Please forgive me, and thank you so much for your comments and encouragement. I keep finding little “fine tunings” to do, but that’s the GOOD news! I’m finding them so I know I’m not done. LOL. Thanks for your kindness in posting and your patience in my responding. I’ll try to do better / be faster 🙂 Have a GREAT day!

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