Week 13, Better Late Than…

Week 13, Better Late Than…

doubleclocks-250px… well, you know — than never. Week 13 started out well. I was determined to get caught up but, afterall, that was Christmas rush week 🙂 Still I was going to make it work, so I sat down excitedly, ready to read and absorb lesson 13 and as I plowed through… the corner of the plow hit a rut and my reading slowed to a crawl and it seemed like I was struggling to make sense of every word…

As it turned out, those first few pages were a very tough read for me — Emerson-esque or worse — but by the time I got to paragraph 15 things became clear again, and it was business as usual. I tried again a couple of days later, with the same result so I determined it wasn’t me.  Those first 2 1/2 pages were pure drudgery so I left them alone. The rest of the lesson was energizing and gave me lots to think about.

One thing I like about the Master Keys is that it repeats things over and over, so we get re-exposed and it sinks in and really gets anchored.  And one thing I don’t like about the Master Keys… is that it repeats things over and over and I’m thinking “OKAY.. I got this! Let’s move on to something else…”  just as he takes that “old” information and makes a new point with it and I’m… better.

The assignment, “… recognize that you are part of the whole, and that a part must be the same in kind and quality as the whole…” I like the idea of being part of “all powerful” and omniscient and omnipresent, but when you get right down to doing that sit and trying to “be” a part of the whole and feel that connection in our capacity as part of the universal mind… that didn’t really happen for me. On the surface it seems like it would be a easy. “Oh..yeah! That rocks. I am a part of that!” but then I sit in the chair, in the same place, and I feel like… ME. I tried other sits that week, and maybe once I almost kinda felt like it might happen but… I never really got there.

I did have an experience a couple of years ago during a Reiki attunement, where I found myself looking down at the earth through the clouds, perfectly clear vision. I don’t know if I was flying or floating or just sitting “in the sky,” but I maintained that perspective for about 8 maybe 10 minutes. I was told later that the attunement I received was called the eye of God. To my dismay, I haven’t experienced it since. But, I imagined I might feel something similar to that when doing the week 13 sits, but so far, that hasn’t been the case.

I will try again. I understand it, conceptually, and even accept it, logically. And I would LOVE to feel it like that. Perhaps Subby will work with me some evening and help me make that connection so I can truly “realize” it.  Do you hear me, Subby?!

We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Kelvin, you’ve got this~ “… recognize that you are part of the whole, and that a part must be the same in kind and quality as the whole…” you shared this on our tribe’s call this week and it was easy to feel from you your connection to your wisdom and true knowing. The sits might not be “eye of God” experiences but from where I observe there’s a beautiful integration happening within your world inside. What ways could you recognize more and more your own alignment and wisdom? Your light is bright and we’re all rooting for you to see it, too!

    1. Thank you, Fawn 🙂 I am really trying daily to facilitate that integration; I do think I’m getting closer. No “Eye of God” experience was quite nice. I’d like to experience that again, and perhaps I will, but it’s one of those things that happens and you say… “hmmm… I wonder what I’m letting get in the way of it coming back?” But I am daily pursuing a deeper integration… and I acknowledge getting down, but I absolutely do not allow myself to stay down. And I have some great role models throughout my life on how to push adversity aside and keep smiling. But gotta say, the MKMMA injection is sweet. Thank you.

  2. Yeah Kelvin! I was saying to myself ” come on Kelvin your falling behind”. Man can I relate to the past couple of sits. I make the 15 minutes but just don’t seem to get anywhere. After all we only get a week to perfect mastery on something that may take us longer. Interesting about your eye of God experience. I experience something simular years back. I took a native how to make a frame drum coarse. Near the end one of my classmates brought in some hemp. Most of the class where native. We lit the hemp which was used to purify the spirits around us and there was a share smoke of some sort as we went around the room. We where instructed to see a spot in the earth, a hole in a tree or hollow under a rock. Then let ourselves go into that spot. While there what animals that came to us would be our guiding spirits to which we would paint onto our drum. Now for me I never could get into the earth. I found myself flying over the lake I was raised on. My vision was so clear it was like looking at a map.. It was awesome to say the least. I yet to paint my drum.

    1. LOL. You should have heard it from HERE! I try to make my sits at least 20 minutes. I give myself a couple of minutes to “settle” before counting. Sometimes I get lost in the sit and the alarm goes off on my phone and I’m like… that was 20 minutes? I’ve started doing other meditations during the day too, so I get more in and still manage to add a little more “sit” content. LOL.

      I have some Native American friends who have told me about some of their rituals, but I’ve yet to experience them for myself, and they sound a good bit more involved than what we’ve been doing here so… no more complaining for me. LOL. Thanks for being here sir! I did do my week 15 also, so I’ll be posting about that shortly.

  3. I know you can do it. I will have to try Reiki. I have always wanted to. I have found listening to the MK have helped me understand better. Just a thought,you can try that too. Sits are still tough but I have faith that they are working. Enjoy the journey and keep chipping away. We are here for you.

    1. I’m chipping away 🙂 I love Reiki; it seems to be a different experience for each person, but it will definitely give you some perspective on the “Father and I are one” as your feel yourself working with that energy. If you have the flexibility, I recommend looking into it. It is quite the experience. Thank you, again, for being here.

  4. Keep working at it Kelvin, you got this. Sometimes trying so hard to get there is the one thing that distracts you from it. A lot of it is about just letting go, relaxing and enjoying the peace of it all. I find that sitting with the “I am” meditation from Wayne Dyer helps put me into a deeper meditative state. Longer than the typical 15 minutes, but well worth it. Sometimes you just can’t force a feeling, you have to relax into it 😉 blessings my friend.

    1. TRUE — regarding the trying too hard. I’m going to look for that “I am” meditation also. I liked Wayne Dyer — even back before he was really famous, and before he became the spiritualist that he evolved into. Thank you. Ya know, we’re in the same town. We can do person to person stuff. Let’s light this place up. LOL. Have a beautiful day!

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