Week 12 — Whole, Perfect…?

Week 12 — Whole, Perfect…?

When I started the Master Key system, I new — after the 2nd week — that in short order I would be manifesting all manner of incredible things in my life and finally… finally… I’d be totally fulfilled. The reality is… this is the month we’re reading the scroll on persistence and color me clairvoyant, but I’m just thinking we don’t need persistence when everything is falling into place with no effort, and life is smooth. We need PERSISTENCE when… we’re not seeing that substance that’s hoped for that faith provides, and that evidence of things unseen is a little sketchy in the mind.Β  So I’m being persistent.

A couple of dates have slipped past from my DMP, so I have to decide if I should reset them, or just keep going and try to force Subby to turn back fill the hands of time deliver them to — then again other dates are coming so Subby still has a chance to make good πŸ™‚

So I don’t have a lot to report this week, other than I’m handling distractions, and client work. Aha! however, I WAS successful for the most part in my resolve to “go to work for myself” and I have spent the time on my office hours, doing things that need to be done, however not without some challenges that took more time than anticipated. But I continue to maintain office hours and work for me and structure my time and I shall persist in doing that and get the traction I need to move forward.

ALSO… I allowed myself to become a little upset a couple of times this week and once… I even slipped into some minor “victim” mentality over something really small.Β  I’m not so accustomed to that. The law of substitution generally works very WELL for me, but twice this week a negative transported itself into my mind, built a fire and had a good ole barbecue! And as is true with the law of attraction, since that thought was also practicing persistence, it managed to summons a few of it’s friends, and I found myself neck deep in my own personal pity party — and the silly thing was… I knew it.Β  The observer was alive and well, and I sat there looking up these thoughts that were looking back at me saying, and they asked… so “what you gonna do about us?” and that day… they won.

But they say that awareness is half-way to the solution (I may have just paraphrased several sayings into one.)Β  But regardless, the next morning I managed to discharge them andΒ  move on to positivity; but “starting over’ on the mental diet… was a bit bothersome. And then, it happened again the next day over something else!Β  But the talk I had with myself this morning on the way to my appointment (and recorded, mind you) should net me some results. I’ll keep you posted and I look forward to — soon — come back in with all manner of incredible positivity and brute positive FORCE.

Stay tuned.


13 thoughts on “Week 12 — Whole, Perfect…?

    1. Hey, beautiful! I’m kicking negativity’s butt, lately. If you need a tag team partner, let me know… I got something for it πŸ™‚ LOL. Stay awesome and thanks for being there for me!

  1. Hang in there Kelvin. Old subby is like catching a chill on a cold winter day, if you are not prepared. Hard to shake. Stock up on more persistence, mastermind pills and love. You will cure the cold.

    1. I found my positivity “TheraFlu” and I’m not just outrunning it, I decided to turn around and CHASE IT πŸ™‚ I like this perspective much better. Woot woot! THANK YOU for being there.

    1. Most awesome Dominica!… you, my friend, are a perfect mirror. “Mirror mirror on the wall…” you are most awesome πŸ™‚ Being the photographer, so many times I have friends or clients going through issues or insecurities or they’re not really prepared to see their beauty that day, and I like to invite them to “see yourself through my eyes.” Thanks for having my back πŸ™‚

  2. Funny, I’ve been having a cycle of the same negative thoughts after a fight with a friend last week. Like you, I’ve been substituting them with a positive but every few minutes they seem to keep coming back. I do know that eventually they’ll fall down by the waist side if I persist, so that’s what I’ll be doing this week. Lots of substituting and focusing on my goals. Keep up the great work, Kelvin!

    1. Hey incredible! I just noticed that I had a whole BUNCH of posts that I had not responded to — and your’s was one of them. I so apologize! and I so appreciate you taking the time and effort to interact with me. But this was at Christmas and it was busy, so I’m giving myself a little slack — although that slack doesn’t extend out 4 weeks so, I hope you’ll forgive my seeming lack of caring. Tis not the case πŸ™‚ LOL. I’m the guy who sits on Facebook on my birthday and personally responds to 300 birthday wishes just because someone took the time to say happy birthday. Next year, I might have to hire that out though. LOL.. So by now I think BOTH of us have conquered our negative conversations and we’re booth just riding the positive tide and life is good! Wish you the best of every day, my friend. Thanks again for your patience. ((HUGS))

  3. …had a good ole barbecue πŸ˜‰ That was golden! —> (Brown?) lol. Super post man. When the negativity comes, its like a hurricane. We need to shake it off, grab the bootstraps, and tilt the chin up. Change is never easy. Its going to take some time for subby to realize we mean business, and that there is a new sheriff in town. Keep moving pal. Cheers

    1. Holy SMOKE! I have no idea how I missed these posts πŸ™ Man I’m so sorry. I SO try to keep focus on positive but you’re right, man… it can be really sneaky πŸ™‚ I consider myself to be an advanced soul — but I guess that depends on what other advanced souls are in the room eh? LOL. Glad you’re in the room — even if I’m slow to see your posts… so I’m backing up another week on that “trying to get better” line and doing a time travel thing and getting better EARLIER so I don’t do that again. Thank you again for your patience and kindness.

  4. Kelvin, YOU are Whole, Perfect, STRONG, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and HAPPY!! Loving your honesty, staying with yourself and knowing you always have choice with the direction of your thoughts. Powerful!

    1. Fawn, I so very much appreciate you πŸ™‚ You are a lighthouse for ships in stormy seas — no one shines their light brighter than you. Thank you very much. Stay tuned πŸ™‚

  5. Hellloooooo, Sherry! PLEASE forgive me for taking so long to acknowledge your reply. I very much appreciate your reply, your encouragement AND your patience πŸ™‚ and you’ll be pleased to know that since that week life has been great (not to be confused with perfect); I’m winning and taking charge of my whole life, catching up with all assignments and whistling a happy song πŸ™‚ Stay tuned for more.

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