Week 11 – The Fog is Clearing

Week 11 – The Fog is Clearing

Trophy WinnerGood afternoon; allow me to introduce you to my friend, “Subby.” Until recently I affectionately referred to him as “Golden Guy.” Some years ago, now,  I had some readings from a spiritualist friend, and she described the guides who had assembled at our session — whom she could see and communicate with, but I at the time was not so endowed, for the most part.  One of the guides she referred to was a Golden Guy, who was effectively my inner guidance.

Shortly after, a friend and I were having weekly activity accountability checks and whichever of us won that week got a trophy — and this was the trophy I won the first week,so I adopted him as my Golden Guy (obviously a gift from the Universe). And to keep him in focus, I actually created a framed 8×10 of him and put him in my family room (which doubles as my client consult area for my photography business.) But when I started MKMMA, it was so nice of Mark to let me know my guide‘s name was really Subby!

Subby and I had a good time today. Yesterday I was behind on everything and you read that story in yesterday’s blog, but this morning I got out my Master Keys binder and I read weeks 9, 10 and 11. I tried to do the sit for 10 and watch my plant grow, but things were all fuzzy so I opted to sit and be quiet for 20 minutes and control my  thoughts.  But just let me just say that reading those 3 assignments in succession, in one sitting, was an incredibly powerful read! My head was spinning when I got done. But I’m now caught up with “… whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!” and I actually memorized that — a couple of times.

My hardest reading since Emerson was with week 11, because it just seemed to go off into an endless loop of nothingness then suddenly… at paragraph 23 the light shone brightly again. Subby started blinking like a Christmas tree and the fog started to clear. “All truth is the same, whether stated in modern scientific terms or in the language of apostolic times.”

This pulled a lot of things together for me. I’m a preacher’s kid — and not a compliant one, so much. I’m also a student of the Law of Attraction via Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham and without going granular on my thoughts on ALL of that, today’s reading pulled so many things together for me that it all makes sense now and I can reconcile it.  Okay… not *all* of it makes sense, but considering most of my independent thought, things that I’ve gleaned through meditation and studied, there are far fewer inconsistencies for me, personally, and a lot more excitement.

No doubt, I need to read them again and do the exercises — that 3D black cone built on a white wall sounds like a real doozy, but I absolutely understand the exercise, and I’m looking forward to visualizing in 3D IMAX.

The fog is clearing… and we’ve got 14 weeks left?  Oh yeah. My DMP just took on a whole new fun view.  Hope you’re still enjoying this journey!

See you next time.

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    1. Almost! I started thinking… holy smoke! Tomorrow is Sunday. I can NOT be that far behind when Sunday hits 🙂 I feel better; more in harmony… and I’m in step with our local mastermind. That feels good. Thank you sir!

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