Week 10 (and 11) – Accountability; the Other White Meat

Week 10 (and 11) – Accountability; the Other White Meat

FullSizeRender2I think my compass is broken!!!

Either that or I have enough magnetism in my body to keep it twirling round and round. Then again, that may just be me going in circles. LOL

I haven’t yet caught up from the week I missed — and the break at week 10 was all encompassed by family and stuff and that didn’t help. Oh my when is the next pay-it-forward period?  But back to that going in circles thing.

They’ve been saying that we know what things we need to do to get traction in our businesses. I, of course, have carefully evaded and ignored that statement for several weeks (or maybe years…) Despite not getting caught up with the exercises, I woke up Wednesday morning, popped out of bed, and as I was walking across the floor to the little room where I brush my teeth, a “voice” — for lack of a better term — said to me, “Kelvin, starting tomorrow you’re going to get a job.”

Now, I’ve been retired from “work” since Aug 29, 2009; and I’ve been heard to say that I’d just as soon collect cans and bottles from dumpsters… as go back to a 9 to 5 job. I think that was my autonomy-turned-LIBERTY talking.  I’m a business owner. Technically, I own a couple of businesses; but I knew the voice wasn’t talking about a regular job.  I coined a phrase / slogan years back: “Action puts traction in the law of attraction.”  Sweet, yes?  YET… what’s been missing in my personal business(es) for several years is consistent, persistent, focused action!  So on Thursday morning, I got up, got dressed, came downstairs, made a cup of coffee and went straight to work at my desk — to work for ME… right after I wrote out my task list that is.

And the MINUTE I made that decision, things worked perfectly!  You know — the phone started ringing off the hook — people just wanting to say hi, or tell me about their day or good things that happened in their lives.  Wrong numbers — on my cell phone?  A good friend landed in town two hours early for a meeting and came to visit, my computer went on the blink and several other interruptions — all the things that happen to derail a perfect plan — the universe’s way of asking “how serious are you about this?”  But I didn’t let it derail me — at least not totally 🙂  Because on top of that decision, I wrote 4 of my closest friends and colleagues — who know me and are interested in my success — and told them my plan so I built-in accountability.  And there were a number of other obstacles to my progress — but I had a written plan (Franklin Planner is awesome) and I kept to the plan, albeit more slowly than I first envisioned.

All this to say, I guess, that despite being behind, something stuck! The whole point of this, was deciding to create a new habit, to put myself in the position to receive the benefit I am requesting; to make it easier for the universe to connect and orchestrate and for me to show that I really am serious and that I really am ready, and that part was as much for me as it was the universe et al. The old blueprint is BUSY fighting a good fight — but it’s goin’ down! 

  • I will persist until I succeed.
  • Awareness is half the battle.
  • Knowledge does not apply itself.
  • I will form new habits and become their slave.
  • I will persist until I succeed.
  • I’m in it to win it — oh; that wasn’t Haanel was it?  LOL.

One line DMP:  I am a highly successful, and sought after speaker, author, coach and guide, living harmoniously and abundantly, earning over $30,000 a month by helping people transform their lives.”   See you  next time.


10 thoughts on “Week 10 (and 11) – Accountability; the Other White Meat

  1. Morning Kelvin! Sounds to me that you are gaining ground. As to the compass I have the same problem. I cannot ware a watch, it always stops within a few days.
    Bravo my brother!

    1. Hey, lovely! Looks like I missed this “way back” but I’m trying to catch up and be current. I apologize — but we’re in it all the time so you know I’m never neglecting you 🙂 Woot woot! Big hugs! I’m winning.

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